Youth Ministry @ Community United Methodist Church

…a compass for youth to believe in God

The Youth Ministry team provides a compass for youth within our church to have adult faith mentors, Biblical teachings, and have social time with Christian friends, and group events that provide experiences so that teens can recognize God at work in their lives.

We feel it is important for teens to know Jesus Christ as their Savior, and to recognize “God moments”-- when the Holy Spirit is in our midst.  

We create avenues for teens to practice and develop church leadership skills, serve God through short term mission work such as the Summer Mission Trip, experience the joy of gathering with other United Methodist Youth through JUMY’s and UMY’s, practice stewardship through fundraising events, and to assist in the life of the church.  

Senior High Youth Group on Wednesday nights!

5:30 p.m.—Supper      6:00 p.m.—Hangout      6:15 p.m.—It begins
Begin with a community supper.  
End with B&B’s—sharing blessings and burdens.  
And, in between? 

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You just never know what to expect—
EXCEPT---God will be there,
in full form, in your midst,
ready to change your life in new ways. 

Friends?  Of course! 
Best of friends? 
The potential is always there.

A cool place where being a Christian is—well, cool. 
Are we perfect?  Not by a long shot.
But, God is changing us…every moment.