Board of Trustees & Directors of the Corporation

Who we are: 
Legally, the church is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation -501 3c for Federal puposes and 317 for state purposes.  The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church provides that the members of the Board of Trustees also constitutes members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation of Community United Methodist Church, which is incorporated as a Minnesota non-profit organization.  Some actions taken at this meeting were corporate in nature and some were not.  For the purpose of simplicity, the Board conducted business using church terminology throughout e.g. Trustees.

 What we do: We have supervision, oversight and care of all real property owned by our church and all property, equipment acquired by the church.

 Where we do it:  At church.

 Why we do it:  To make facilities available to aid in making Disciples of Christ

Primary contact: Brad Johnson